Dafne Pascolini

The heart of Dafne...


Dafne wants to go back to the origin of manufactured accessories and details.
Dafne wants to innovate and excite.

To achieve this, we have to follow an accurate work schedule.

To start with, we want to create nice and practical accessories. Bags and containers that can be used in all kind of situations. These items have to be practical and resistant as our daily life has little time and space available.

Here are the first keywords: practical, light, washable, foldable…

This is just the start. We want these products to be exciting. The Dafne collection must be a choir of colors and details.

We add more keywords: nature, shade, detail, symmetry, look, glance…

Now we can start the fabric research. Materials will have to be workable, washable, resistant and nice to handle.
We know that color starts in our eyes. It’ obvious that we have a great responsibility with choosing shades and tones.

The creation of the different models always starts from zero. The different parts are cut and stitched until the item soul is formed.
Now starts another important working step: the positioning of the details. These won’t be put random. They have to match exact practical requirements.

We add further keywords: reinforcement, hem, fastening, buttonhole, durable…
Each of these details has an exact position and will make the product solid and functional.


Step by step everything is shaped. We’re getting to the Heart of Dafne.

This is where all comes together into a collection of correlated accessories. Each element has unique details and colors but matches perfectly in the collection choir.

Nature is a very important keyword. It always shows incredible color matches that, although so different, are constantly new and beautiful.

This is the Heart of Dafne: the single object is perfectly matched in his overall surrounding.

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Dafne: italian manufacture...


Dafne is high quality manufacture.
We want to celebrate an authentic and exact work. Made in Italy remains a quality of style and technique, combined to talent.

Each single piece is hand manufactured from its cutting to its packing.
Raw fabrics are accurately selected. The same accuracy is given to stitching and finishing.

Quality control proceeds with great care, the “Dafne” tag is its confirmation.
Modern life presents objects that are exact copies of one another. Shapes, colors and surfaces are bay now homogenous. Each slight difference is considered a defect and that “different” objet will be rejected.

Dafne wants to rewind this process. A difference is not a defect but a unique peculiarity that only hand manufacture can give.

4 strenght issues...


We’re set in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, a place where the Alps meet the Adriatic Sea. Opposite landscapes are a few miles distant from each other. This is the spirit we nurture in our work: fabrics that are very different at first glance, but when handled in the right way, can give interesting affects.


We develop made to measure items for specific requirements.
These collaborations are always new opportunities to experiment and meet new and different situations.


We have an accurate quality control that starts with fabric selection and proceeds through all production stages.
Our label is synonymous of a high quality durable product.


Research is a constant feature of our work.
It starts with materials and colors but it also considers new techniques and functionalities. Our collaborations with many colleagues manufacturers always bring new projects and interesting advises.


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