Frankfurt Tendence 2018

Summer initiative in the heart of Europe : the exhibition Tendence in Frankfurt – Germany, held from 30 June to 3 July 2018.

We will be in the Hall 9.0 – Stand A28 .
And almost everything is ready.

A place where you meet many roads and many stories from all over the world.

Importers and traders … designers and artisans … stylists and performers … Historical activities and new realities that compare, study and influence each other.

There are information exchanges , email addresses, personal mobile numbers. We write notes and orders in all languages. Basing projects … some will develop immediately, others will require more time and patience.

The Frankfurt Exhibition is a demonstration world always exciting.

For a craftsman it is possible to expose your identity , your work with its unique characteristics. But it is also a place of inspiration and discovery , where confrontation with others is essential to stay up to date and understand current needs.

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