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The original… the one and only Dafne Classic cellulose fiber sacks with canvass top.

Use them in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or even inside your closet to tidy up. Endless possibilities and the result will always be great!

View the HANDLE ACCESSORY to equip your bag with a nice and practical suspender-handle to take  the container anywhere you like.

As l’HANDLE ACCESSORY, we advise the matchingcellulose fiber colour -BRF-AV, BRF-GR, BRF-MR or BRF-W)

View our SINGLE or DOUBLE FORMA DISPLAYS with complete colour and size collection or our FORMA COUNTER DISPLAY with complete colour collection in your favourite size…

  • Cellulose fiber
  • Canvass stone | 85% Cotton | 15% Polyester |
  • Machine washable 30°

Sizes and Quantities:

  • #7/8xh14 – 6 pcs
  • #10/12xh24 – 6 pcs
  • #24x12xh24 – 6 pcs
  • #13/15xh28 – 6 pcs
  • #16/18xh34 – 6 pcs

VAT not included