The elegance of a 100% linen texture combined with the functionality of a double teflon coating. These bags become water and stain resistant on both sides!

No need to wash them, just clean with a wet towel. A real time and energy saver!

View HANDLE ACCESSORY to equip your bag with a nice and practical suspender handles and take  the container anywhere you like.

As l’HANDLE ACCESSORY, we advise Length 35cm with grey cellulose fiber matched either with linen shade colourBRF-GRLN, or or with outer linen colour – BRF-GR##)

  • 100% linen/teflon
  • water resistant inside/outside
  • stain resistant inside/outside
  • clean with wet towel/sponge

Sizes and Quantities:

  • #7/8xh9 – 8 pcs
  • #11/12xh12 – 8 pcs
  • #14/15xh14 – 8 pcs
  • #23/11xh11 –  8 pcs

VAT not included.